Due too You my dreams can come true!

The first resume is in a PDF document and is much shorter. The second is under the first and has more information and stories.


To show my value through a combination of hard work and creative problem 

solving abilities in a way that everyone is satisfied


I enjoy writing, performing, and working hard for people. Enjoying it makes it 

that much easier to do well and that is always what I intend to do. Give me a

 challenge and my priority is to go past your expectations to solve it. 


-I have written over 80 passion filled songs the past year.

-I have written 12 articles on hub pages in the past year. 

-I Founded a community called BKL it fluctuated between 180 and 200 

members. This took a lot of determination and networking. Yes the community

was based around a xbox game but building a community like that with those 

activities is a accomplishment I am proud of.

-I saved up enough money to bulk up my website buy recording equipment a 

new guitar and more from budgeting well.

-I received over 10 customer compliments throughout all of my jobs from my 

hard work ethic and my kindness.



-My first job was a summer job of stacking hay for the guy my mom would buy hay from. For $10 a hour I would work with two other people to stack 300-500 bails a day. The sun was almost always up and on the hottest day it was about 120 degrees in the barn we stacked the bails in.


10229 Business 21,

Hillsboro, MO 63050

(636) 797-5977

-I worked here for a year. I learned every position and was being trained to become a manager. I received many compliments from staff and customers for my kindness and hard work ethic.


818 Arnold Commons Dr,

Arnold, MO 63010

(636) 287-3854

-I worked here for 10 months. I helped them set up the store before it opened by placing items on shelves across the store. Then one of the first days of the store being opened I worked at the cash register and received a customer compliment for being kind. Then for the rest of my time there I worked in the stock team. We would take items off of a assembly line straight off the truck then run the items out to the correct spot in the store. If any customers needed help finding a product I would help with a big smile on my face.

2005 Richardson Road, Arnold, MO, 63010

-I worked here for about 10 months. While working here I worked at every station and unloading truck. I received many compliments from employees and customers. 

One day I reveived a tip while I was working the headset for the drive through. The man said I was the most polite person he has ever talked to through the drive through.

Another night a man and his friends came through the drive through during rush hour. They gave me a tip and huge compliment. They paid then came up to the present window. I was there bagging the food, making the drinks, and handing it all out. The manager at the time named Ashley Jones was working at the front counter. So they pull up and asked right away "How much longer do we have?" I did the math and said "Thirty seconds." with a smile on my face. They had a big order and jokingly they said. "OK, you say thirty seconds we are starting the count down." In a controlled and steady rush I bagged their order and with seconds to spare gave it to their wide eyed faces. They said, "Thanks man" and drove off. As they drove away I realized I forgot a mcdouble. I grabbed it bagged it and ran straight out to the road. I got their just as they were pulling out! They turned their heads when they saw me sprinting and yelling "I forgot your mcdouble!" I gave it to them and they still had the look of astonishment. I went back in just in time to get the rest of the orders out. Later one of them came in and handed me a tip. Everyone around me was confused why he handed me money. My manager thought I was just running a parked cars order out because I am always in a rush for the customers. I smiled and went back to work since more cars came through.

College Cafeteria ยท University of Missouri
900 Virginia Ave, Columbia, MO 65201, United States
(573) 882-4723

I worked at plaza for 9 months. I started in the dish room. Then I became a custodian. I would clean virtual every surface from the floor in the kitchen, the floor in the dinning hall, the walls, windows, and the bathrooms. I would pick up trash that is around the building. I would help other stations if needed. I also took out the trash, did laundry, and had a weekly cleaning list. I would smile at customers when I did see them. Very few customers asked me for help but when they did I always delivered. 

I enjoyed working at every job and I have grown a lot from all of them.
Thank you to everyone who hired me and worked with me!

The best time to contact me is in between 12pm and 8pm Monday through Friday.               

                                                                                       Zachary Adam Cook

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