Due too You my dreams can come true!


I have currently worked for no clients yet and I am applying to many part time jobs.  My estimation is by next year I will have a constant income from youtube, writing, odd jobs, teaching, and a fan base. For me too achieve the constant income I will have to continue to go about my vision with persistence, a positive out look, and humility. I have had fun making up my long term and short term goals! They are bound to change as My vision grows but it is as if I can see a whole new pathway to take and it is very exciting!


This feels like the hundredth time I have started my "brand". This time I don't have another job to keep me from putting more time towards it. So starting with less than $500 I am going to start making at least $1000 a month. I know I may be forced to go back to my day job or some other job but I feel progress coming on or its been here just going really slow. After I finish setting up the foundation by starting up some social media sites I will focus only on my content. The music on my Youtube channel will be accompanied by better quality videos and recording equipment as well as more content in the videos! Recently finding out I will be a father only motivates me more towards my goals. Thank you to all who are supporting me!

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