Due too You my dreams can come true!

Zachary Adam Cook freelance writer, entertainer, and hard worker.


  Ever since I was a small child I loved the astonishment I felt from putting some self discipline and imagination together. 

I would write stories, make fun drawings, gather pieces of nature, listen to music and imagine a story behind it. I grew up on a farm with

 responsibility and freedom. This made me into the man I am today. Determined, optimistic, and  always loving a challenging task.

Now here I am in our illusion of a world ready to put every ounce of effort I have towards being able to make a living by doing what I love to do. 


    My mission is to be completely fan funded by 1/1/2018. I will post musical content weekly, I will always add in other activities to keep fans entertained, I will take any requests fans may have. Requests may be where to play, what songs they would like to hear me play, I can write a song about you or a topic you have, I will wear a chicken suit and sing who let the dogs out in a pet store if that's what you want! Requests are not limited to anything "use your imagination and have fun" which sums up my mission!

Local Services For columbia 

There are three main types of services I will offer- $20 a hour or $20 a service

Telegrams- I will bring your loved one a card, flowers, chocolates, and a lovely song to show them how much you care.

Personal performance- I will come to your house and play you my entire library of songs and I will learn any songs you want me to perform.

Fan funded service- I will make content exactly how you want it. Mostly I will write original songs about any topics you desire. You just give me details and I will write something to help better your life.

For example: If you have a roommate that is very dirty and never cleans up after himself well I can write a song specifically about him to break the news to him that he needs to clean up after himself. 

Another example: is if you want a song for a romantic evening with your lady friend and you want it to be specifically special so she knows you care so deeply you had a whole new song made for her.

"If you have any other ideas of what type of fan services I can do please let me know thanks!"


Weekly news

My first album will be done by the end of October. This week I picked the songs out for the album! I also sketched a new business plan long term and short term!

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